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Kompany Progra​m

Kompany Classes are competitive. Students will learn dance technique and choreography and will attend 2 festivals with all Kompany routines. Festival and recital attendance is mandatory in the Kompany program, and Kompany classes must maintain a 90% student attendance rate. Kompany classes are all arranged by age and technical ability. All fees for Kompany classes are all inclusive. Kompany classes include; ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre and acro.  

It is our policy for parents and dancers to respect the placement of dancers. Your instructors have dancers’ best interest at heart. We may ask dancers to try out a few different classes in the first few weeks to ensure they are in the best suited class for them. Dancers registering in their first year of dance may not be dancing with friends their age who have been dancing for a few years. We invite male dancers to register in any one of our classes and will be placed accordingly as well!

30 Minute Classes

Pre-Ballet: 3 to 4 years Dancers must be 3 at the start of class to register. A guide to the basics of ballet! Perfect for boys and girls to help progress their motor skills, balance and flexibility. We take the time to teach kids the basic ballet positions while having fun and learning how to tell stories through the movement of dance.

Pre-Tap: 3 to 4 years Dancers must be 3 at the start of class to register. Tip Tap Toe! Kids in tap learn how to make music with their feet! We teach children basic tap technique while we encourage the growth of understanding rhythm and counting music.

45 to 60 Minute Classes

Ballet: 5 years and up A technical foundation to all dance styles, ballet is recommended for all dancers. Our structured, yet fun environment promote a dancers elegance, strength, turn out and flexibility.

Tap: 5 years and up Great for all dancers as tap introduces rhythm and syncopation to your feet. Hip Hop dancers succeed with the basics of tap as it builds the foundation of understanding rhythm.

Jazz: 5 years and up Jazz is a great foundation for all dancers. Jazz incorporates style along with technique with upbeat music to create a high-energy class! Flexibility, strength, confidence and stamina are a few things dancers gain from jazz. To be in lyrical or contemporary dancers MUST be enrolled in a jazz class at SKDG. We strongly recommend it for all other disciplines as well since it is a well-rounded class for learning dance technique.

Hip Hop: 5 years and up Bust a Move! Dancers learn the latest and the greatest of moves in hip hop while listening to the beats and feeling the music in their soul.

Musical Theatre: 5 years and up Want to act and dance? Musical Theatre is for you! A fun and energetic class for all ages, students practices their drama skills and create a Broadway like routine. Promotes stage presence and helps to build dancers theatrical appearance on stage.

Lyrical: 8 years and up Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends techniques mainly from ballet and jazz. Lyrical is a form of dance that encourages dancers to convey a lot of emotions. Dancers learn to dance to the story of the lyrics, moving their body filled with emotion to retell the story to the audience. Powerful, expressive songs are often used in lyrical dance to give dancers a chance to express a range of strong emotions through their dancing. Dancers must have an emotional and technical commitment for lyrical. At SKDG, dancers wishing to take lyrical must have at least 2 years jazz experience and be currently be enrolled in both jazz and ballet at SKDG.

Contemporary: 12 years and up Contemporary is an intense form of dance. It requires dancers to dance out of their comfort zones and push bodies to new limits. It can often involve thinking out of the box and exploring the world through movement. It can convey a lot of emotion as well as acting. As it is a very technical based dance so jazz classes are required to be enrolled. At SKDG Dancers must have at least 2 years jazz experience and be currently be enrolled in jazz at SKDG.

Acro: 5 years and up A style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics. The discipline requires courage and stamina, while demanding flexibility and skill. Exercises are accompanied by music, harmoniously in keeping with gymnasts’ choreography, body movements and musical culture. At SKDG, dancers must be currently be enrolled in jazz at SKDG.​

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