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Attire Guidelines For All Programs

Proper dancewear is required every week. We have a dress code in place for each discipline. This enables your instructors to see bodylines and posture; therefore they can make proper corrections to the student. All dancers are expected to have the required attire by the 1st week in October. Inappropriate attire or hair may result in the student being asked to sit out of class. It is suggested that all dancers have a dance bag that holds all dance clothing, shoes, hair supplies, and a water bottle. Labels with student’s names or initials should be in all dancewear and shoes.

Hair MUST be up and away from the dancer’s face. This allows the eyes to have a clear view of others in the room, which is safer for executing turns. Short hair must be kept off the face by a headband or barrettes. Longer hair must be in a ponytail. Jewelry is not permitted in class. Students are asked to bring a water bottle to class, with ONLY water in it. No food or gum will be permitted in class.

Kreative Movement

Any comfortable clothing that allows dancer to move freely. Bare feet or dance slippers for feet.


Any color or style, cotton/lycra bodysuit

Pink seamless tights

Pink leather ballet slippers

Any color or style, cotton/lycra bodysuit

Any color of ballet skirt is allowed in class but not required


Any color or style, cotton/lycra bodysuit

Pink or beige seamless tights

Pink leather ballet slippers

Black tap shoes with elastic ties (not ribbon) & tele-tone taps


Black or navy tank-style, cotton/lycra bodysuit

Pink seamless tights

Pink split-sole ballet slippers

Dance shorts or skirt is allowed to be worn over top of bodysuit

Jazz, Tap, Lyrical & Contemporary

Any color or style, cotton/lycra bodysuit

Form fitting athletic style pants or shorts will be allowed

Beige leather, seamless slip on preferred, split-sole jazz oxfords for jazz

Tap shoes need to be black and NON patent shoes. Ask instructor for more details

Intermediate + up are allowed to wear fitted tank tops either over body suit or sports top

Hip Hop, Musical Theatre & Boys

Anything that is comfortable but not restricting

Sweats and baggy t-shirt are perfect

Absolutely no jeans allowed in class

Clean running shoes until teacher determines required footwear

Dance Studio Etiquette

Class Times: Please have your child come to class no earlier than 10 minutes before his or her class. Due to the set-up of the Arts Centre, students are asked to refrain from talking as soon as they enter the building, to prevent disrupting the class in progress. To prevent further disruption, students are asked to wait to use the washrooms until the break between classes. To maintain respect for other dancers and instructors, all students are required to stay in the boot room quietly, while other classes are going on.

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